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Announcing our Brew Thing

We at Clapham always have a thing about coffee. It is a source of fuel and joy for the team and our surrounding people. Coffee machine might be the gathering point for people looking for inspiration.

At Clapham, we have two machines, automatic Saeco, and a Vibiemme. Most of the time we just use the Saeco; it is fast, convenient, and it gets what we want consistently. Everytime. However, it is the manual machine that teaches us the valuable things of our daily working life. And it gives us joy.

It teaches us to serve. Face it, half of us are natural givers, the other half receivers. There are always 3-4 people who flock around the machine, like curious mouse figuring out how to make a better espresso. Oh, their joy when they manage to draw tree on the top of milk. Those drinkers wont care much, thou. They just destroy the piece of art, but it gives them happiness anyway.

Coffee is a form of communication. We care for you, it is a silent way to say that, hey, you are a great person, and you deserve this cup of coffee. Well, it is much easier to pass a cup coffee than to describe how you are so great and part of the bigger community. Just like the Indians who smoke pipe, this is the closest ritual that we can cherish.

You might wonder what the fuss is all about. Well, we just want to give you a context of why we are so passionate about coffee, and we are so looking forward to support a coffee project. We have been searching for a year for someone who might share our passion for people, as well as coffee. We think we have found someone. We were actually looking for K-pop style person, so it helped with our branding; we decided that we will settle for Mario bros type. We know some people like mustache.

We welcome Jaya Pranata (Kanvas Mitra), into our portfolio company. This is one of the two companies in Medan that we have invested in through Clapham Company. We believe that Jaya's passion and Clapham's support can be combined and channeled into a new type of company where future Baristas and talents can find home. And at the end, our customers can find the hospitality and genuine interactions with our people through excellent products.

We believe that Barista is a deep profession, and it will not thrive with the current market and pay condition. That is why, we decide to do this, and hopefully make our mark along the way. Like any enterprise, there is always failure risk, and we are aware of that. That is why we have to keep humble and we require all your prayers. Like Clapham, even if we fail, we will make a difference.

So yeah, none of the writings above is as important as what will be coming next. me& and Cocowork Clapham will be collaborating to run a 5-day campaign (could be extended). You can get your coffee to go and pay whatever you want to pay at Cocowork Clapham. :)

And stay tuned, we are opening two locations at once! For a better city!

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