Investee Candidate

If you are looking for buyer, or investors, please read about our criteria; otherwise, you can read more about us below. 

Our criteria:
1. Located in Medan, North Sumatra or its vicinity
2. Proven founders' track record or financial consistencies
3. Good business return without debt
4. Management team
5. Offering price / valuation

Clapham Company

Making Difference

Clapham Company value people who share the same goal, to transform a better city we live in. Through our works, we aim to make differences, challenge status quo, and push the best potential in our people. We are united in our vision for a better city, where our future generation can enjoy better lives and engage in meaningful works.

Clapham Company is based in Medan. 


Our Values

In each project that we are involved in, we strive to uphold these values:
1. Dignity of human and his works.
2. Good Corporate Governance
3. Continuous Learning
4. Kindness
5. Impactful works
6. Community Engagement

Our Team

Studio Session-491.JPG

Chris Angkasa


Studio Session-649.JPG

Suvany Tjie

Finance Analyst

Studio Session-629.JPG

Angelia Caroline

Finance Analyst

Studio Session-449.JPG

Cindy Lailani

Chief of Staff

Clapham member edit pics-3.jpg

Eva Natalia

Analyst (Letterist)

Clapham member edit pics.jpg

Nathanaron Lisardi

Event and Partnership Associate

Companies We are Involved With

We are proud to be part of these stories

Akara Capital

Investment and Wealth Consultancy

Akara is a wealth advisory firm based in Jakarta. It was established in 2016. Akara is run with value-oriented framework, and it seeks to outperform over long term by purchasing equity below intrinsic value that has high-quality business. Akara serves advisory services to hig-net worth individuals.

Denali Mitra

Angel Investment Firm

Unlike Clapham Company that usually is usually involved in more traditional business, Denali is established to support early-stage digital entrepreneurs. With more than 10 companies invested so far, Denali is one of the most active angel firms in Indonesia.

Mana Aktiva Kreasi

Digital Agency and Consultancy

Mana Aktiva provides one stop solutions for business that is looking for expanding or improving their businesses. Mana is a melting pot for designers, content creators, chefs, f&b operation experts, and digital content creators. We seek to add value through providing strategic initiatives, improving operations, and communicating brand messages. Mana Aktiva is also home for digital assets such as MakanMana brand.

Kanvas Mitra Aktiva

People Serving Coffee

Kanvas Mitra is the owner and operator of me&, a home-grown coffee shops. Me& is focused on creating impact on coffee business and the community surrounding the location.

COHIVE @ Clapham

Coworking Space

The first culmination of Clapham's value, Clapham Coworking Space was the establishment that gave birth to the other projects. Clapham Coworking Space aimed to foster local entrepreneurs and become platform for business, education, creative industry, and non-profit. in 2017, Clapham Coworking Space merged with COCOWORK. The existing location is now known as COCOWORK at Clapham.

Clapham People

Advisor, Member, Alumni

To be associated with Clapham as an Advisor or Alumni, or to be associated as Clapham People, means that a person is committed to uphold Clapham values in his work and life. We are proud to be part of these people's as much as them of us.

Fransisca Lukman

Clapham Alumni

Sri Wahyuni

Facility Coordinator, EV Hive

Joeana Simon

Founder, Letterist

Harry Dinata

Director, Mana Aktiva

Helvin Chandra

Advisor, Denali Mitra

Jesslyn Wiliem

Clapham Alumni

Wenny Chandra

Clapham Alumni


Clapham Alumni

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