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Clapham's Beginning

Hello All,

Thanks to God, Clapham will be soft-running by the end of this month.I want to give thanks to many who has been instrumental in executingand preparing the space. Notably, in no order of importance, Tze DanSS, Mr. Anton, Yie Sin ii, Ajiv, Raymond, Tito, Dad, Andry, all the workers on the field. Without all these people. Clapham will only stay as a dream and as drawings/concepts on paper.

For many who still don't get the idea of Clapham, I want to share it here. Clapham is a coworking space. That is an easy way to describe it to people who are familiar with the concept. We rent out desks and spaces, we sell infrastructure and services, we provide network and event spaces. Those are the activities that we do to sustain our operational costs. However, that is not the main thing about the space. Those activities are just our bloodlines, things that we do to sustain our existence, akin to breathing.

That being said, the soul and life of Clapham is in the community and the activities inside. We seek to gather people with good values, equip them in their works, connect great people and become catalyst. Our values are Collaboration, Spirit of Sharing, Culture of Learning, Impactful Work, and Charitable Heart. The soul of Clapham is in the people, and we believe if we can gather these people together, facilitate their learning process, we can do much good to the community around us.

In other words, for me, Clapham is a social engineering project. We want to gather people that embody good value and commit to do good works. We are heavily influenced by the startup culture. That being said, we will not be afraid to challenge the status quo, although we will be careful when deciding what to challenge. That is why the role of community is extremely important to counter balance our thoughts and actions.

I hope that this will be a beginning of many great things.

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